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Don't You Forget About Me

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IDK if this is repost but I was rewatching Jurrasic Bark and spotted this

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Who's excited for endgame?

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Just a picture of this mini stainless Bender I laser cut.

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Just caught this in the background of one of the first futurama episodes....Matt Groening you slick son of a bitch.

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It's uncanny

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Made in Dreams PS4

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I came across this gem on my Earthday feed on Imgur... KITTENS GIVE MORBO GAS!

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One of my favourite Fry quotes

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He really did predict the future

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The real fry

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Mars Day much better...

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I'm not crying. You're crying...

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A funky lil hypnotoad. (Made with horrendously cheap children’s paint and highlighters)

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Waiting at a stoplight, suddenly Zoidberg

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Found in Old New York. Pazuzu!!!

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Snagged off FB..

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Coilette as an Elvgren pin up

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.04% Nickel Impurity build is complete!

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Watched this episode last night, brought me to tears

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Has anyone played this game recently? I tried for a while and it was good at first, but then it went down hill. Has it gotten better? Worse?

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Happy Easter from the world of tomorrow!

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This is the first time I've spotted something like this in the wild and not in a post like this one. Huzzah!

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Look everybody, calculon’s here

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With the invention of the smell-o-scope we take one small step closer to the future. Just dont make me smell Urectum.

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Thought this would be appreciated here. 0100111000.

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In honor of today, here is a little something I made.

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Apartment 1I

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When everyone knows what day it is, but the stoners keep talking about it.

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My cross stitching life has succumbed to Futurama. (Shrimp is an inside joke).